class 2008 list of Cumlaudes + 1 Magna Cumlaude

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class 2008 list of Cumlaudes + 1 Magna Cumlaude Empty class 2008 list of Cumlaudes + 1 Magna Cumlaude

Post by faoron on Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:59 pm

total number of Cumlaudes = 32
and 1 Magna Cumlaude

leading the pack of Magis
is Miss Louivie Grace Gaffud from 4nu4(also the batch president of magis) - Magna Cumlaude

List of Cumlaudes from Team A

4nu01-"Numero UNO"
Winston Abiera
Carlo Almario
Charlse Amado
Dianne Aguirre
Dominique Ansaldo

4nu02-"Super Stars"
Robert Bautista
Shiela Capulong
Paola Erika Castro
Kristine Chan

4nu03-"The INcredibles"
Marvin DelaCruz
Mary Grace DelaCruz
John Ryan Enriquez

4nu04-"All Stars"
Nestle Lauder Fabian
Karen Marie Flores
Jerome Ganaden
Ana Dominique Ignacio

List of Cumlaudes from Team B

4nu05-"Royal Family"
Dyan Fei Lariosa
Ana Victoria Lonzanida
Betty Jane Loy-Odan
Maricar Macaisa
Aubrey Manzano

4nu06-"Power House"
Arman Jaffer Noob
Marvin Olino
Alvi Jubilee Peņa

4nu07-"007 Liscensed to Care"
Ana Carmela Erika Reblora
Marnelee Grace Semilla
Niņa Carla Rosal
Pamona Krysel Jean Seraspi
Rashid Sidic

Anna Karla Venturina
Ana Farrah Venturina
Tracy Isadore Triongson
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Active SLCNWeber

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class 2008 list of Cumlaudes + 1 Magna Cumlaude Empty Re: class 2008 list of Cumlaudes + 1 Magna Cumlaude

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:52 pm

Congrats to Batch Magis! All your hardwork and sacrifices for the past 4 years has finally paid off by "doing the more".

Few more days and you'll be part of the alumni association and a few months to go some of you will take the local boards. We wish the Batch Magis all the best and in the upcoming June 2008 NLE. God willing all of you will pass and make our alma mater - Trinity University of Asia - St. Luke's College of Nursing number 1 for the 3rd straight NLE. Don't think about the pressure, just think of it as a challenge. cheers GO MAGIS! cheers

And for the Magis who are visiting this forum directly, I made a full background for your batch located at Sorry for a simple background, we would like to include all the names of the batch and some class pics but we still don't have resources for that. Hopefully someone who is kind enough would send it to us. And sana ok naman yung paggaya ko sa logo niyo.

And for credits: Thanks to Faoron of Batch Magis for the list of Magna and Cum laudes.

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